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Exclusive designed glass bottles

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Ours technologies

Direct printing

The technology of direct printing appeared, because of the need to have "indelible" information on the glass. This advantage, combined with the possibility of applying a bright and attractive design, is the key reason why more and more manufacturers are choosing decorating. DECCO.PRO equipment park includes modern printing machines "Tecno5" and "Kammann". Thanks to this, we can both print high complexity designs, and ensure a high production speed. Only high quality colors are used in our factory.


Coating is an opportunity to brightly highlight your product in the store, give an elegant shade to the glass and confirm the status of your brand to the buyer. We carry out coating: - any options (whole product, part, only the bottom, a combination of colors) - color scales: any shades of matt from white to black - glossy coating from transparent to solid - printing over coated surfaces, imitation of windows in coating.


Satinization of glass (by chemical etching) gives the bottle a "misted over" effect. To get "dullness" and become more elegant and pleasant to the touch, the bottle is placed in a solution of hydrochloric acid, which changes the surface structure. The glass acquires a pleasant soft shade, which makes the chemical etching very popular way of decorating bottles for almost all beverages of the alcoholic segment: vodka, cognac, wine, champagne, liqueurs, low-alcohol beverages.

Application of decals

The method of decals allows you to transfer on the container glass drawings in areas where printing on equipment is impossible. It is also possible to manufacture products in handmade mode from one item.

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Why choose us?

Decco.pro company is located in Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan and is the leading decoration manufacturer in this region. We also supply our production to all regions of Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and to the countries of the customs union.

A convenient location on the main transport route between the West and the East provides efficient logistics with glass and distilleries.

Efficiency in work

Large fleet of equipment and large stock facilities allow us to quickly fulfill your order.

High quality

Effective quality management system with careful selection of materials for production makes your products bright and visible to the Consumer, and the technology of high-temperature roasting guarantees the safe of product look even with the longest transportation.

Advantageous prices

We try to keep the prices for our services in balance with the level of quality and service. If you were given prices cheaper - let us know and we will make the best offer for you.

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